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I’m heartbroken.

You know, when you really, truly give of yourself, and open your heart, I’ve learned one thing. You get burned. Badly.

It’s been months since I first sat down, and began the long process of beginning to trust again, and learning to love. And slowly, I learned to smile again, and I began to look forward to the times where I could sit and share time with my beloved.

And soon, before I had fully realized it myself, I had become devoted to my one and only. People warned me, told me not to get so involved, but I didn’t listen, couldn’t listen. I was deaf to all but the call of my heart.

And through the good times, which were many, and the bad times, which came and went and came again, I stood by, unwavering in my faith that in the end, all would work itself out, and the investment I had made, in time and money and faith, would pay off. And I was so close.

But on Sunday, it ended. I sat there, unwilling and unable to believe what my ears so vividly reported. I listened and watched as my love and faith was rewarded oh, so cruelly. My heart was wrenched, bloody and raw, from my chest, and throbbed out its last, injured beat upon the floor, trodden upon by the people who sat, silently watching the last of my smiles fade under a waterfall of tears.

Oh, I know I’m not the only one hurt in this exchange. There were others who shared my loss, and even the cause and source of my pain was not without regrets. But forgive me, if I have a hard time sympathizing with the vey cause of my emotional pillaging.

But pain won’t change the facts. The Stampeders lost the CFL Western Final to the Lions, and I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to trust another professional sports team.

I mean, I just got over the pain of being abandoned by the Flames.